KAYA TATVA- Kaya in hindi means SKIN. Kaya Tatva refers to our Skin Care range which is a meticulously curated range of products which utilises the divine aspects of Ayurveda specifically targeting problems encircling our skin. From dry skin to acne prone skin, this versatile collection caters to all skin types in the simplest yet effective manner.

We welcome you to our Kaya Tatva section and encourage you to make the most of it as you browse through the products.
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Lightening Face Mask

This face pack makes use of ingredients like Rakth Chandan and  Amla Powder which is loaded wit..

Rs. 545 Ex Tax: Rs. 545

Anti-Acne Serum New

Anti-Acne Serum

Acne occurs when skin pores are clogged with dead skin cells and impurities. Our very PotentAnti-acn..

Rs. 795 Ex Tax: Rs. 795

Ashwagandha Face Mask

A detoxifying and cleansing miraculous face mask that leaves skin lightened even toned and plump fro..

Rs. 695 Ex Tax: Rs. 695

Charcoal Face Mask

Detoxifying Charcoal Wash will effectively take  away the dirt and oil accumulated in your ..

Rs. 645 Ex Tax: Rs. 645

Charcoal Wash

Charcoal Wash will effectively cleanse away the dirt and oil accumulated in your skin pores. As a re..

Rs. 545 Ex Tax: Rs. 545

Coffee Bean Scrub New

Coffee Bean Scrub

Feel refreshed and recharged with this amazing blend of ground coffee beans, brown sugar, coconut oi..

Rs. 625 Ex Tax: Rs. 625

D-Pigmentation Serum New

D-Pigmentation Serum

PIGMENTATION is the dull and darker turned skin in some areas of our face. Our very Potent D- Pigmen..

Rs. 795 Ex Tax: Rs. 795

D-Tan Face Mask

Ang-Tatva's D-Tan Face Pack is made up of lime- which evens out the skin tone, lodhra being a very p..

Rs. 545 Ex Tax: Rs. 545

D-Tan Face Scrub

Kaya Tatva D-Tan scrub is made up of everyday ingredients found in our kitchen, mixed together in co..

Rs. 445 Ex Tax: Rs. 445

Defy Thy Age Mask

Our Defy Thy Age Pack is made to fight the visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dull an..

Rs. 545 Ex Tax: Rs. 545

Geranium Water Mist

Himalayan geranium grows in mid-Himalayan slopes mostly in meadows. The Geranium water makes a g..

Rs. 295 Ex Tax: Rs. 295

Glow Worm Face Pack

This brightening daily use face pack targets the dullness of skin by removing the clogged impurities..

Rs. 695 Ex Tax: Rs. 695

Herby Wash

Herby Wash is a natural cleanser to retain the natural moisture and balance of the skin and can be..

Rs. 545 Ex Tax: Rs. 545

Lavender Water

Regardless of the dry skin or oily skin, Lavender Water Mist will act as an ideal mist to maintain y..

Rs. 295 Ex Tax: Rs. 295

Organic Witch Hazel

This Face Toner works as a wonderful skin care regimen and restores pH balance after every cleansing..

Rs. 495 Ex Tax: Rs. 495