KESH TATVA- KESH in hindi means HAIR. Kesh Tatva refers to our Hair care Range that strives to pamper your hair like never before. For the love of those strong, lustrous and beautiful hair, we have prepared this wide variety of products which targets each and every problem that concerns different hair types to bring out the best results possible. These potent products like Miracle Hair Pack are bound to give you those tresses which you have always dreamt of!

We welcome you to our Kesh Tatva section and encourage you to make the most of it as you browse through the products.

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Anti Dandruff Hair Scrub

Our Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask is made up of Amla, Neem, and Lime Powder.These ingredients are known to..

Rs. 645 Ex Tax: Rs. 645

Black Magic Hair Pack

Black Magic hair mask provides conditioning to graying hair and stops their further damage. It provi..

Rs. 525 Ex Tax: Rs. 525

Organic Hair Color Kit

Organic Hair Color Kit is the perfect way to color the hair of the desired color and one that is f..

Rs. 1,175 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,175

Soft as Love Hair Pack

Use this hair mask to pamper your hair like never before. Sit back and relax while this mask shows i..

Rs. 595 Ex Tax: Rs. 595

The Miracle Mask

This rich ayurvedic hair pack is a one-stop solution to all your hair problems. We have invested an ..

Rs. 1,125 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,125

Treatment Pack

Our intensive multi-functional treatment hair mask caters to all major problems that surround our ha..

Rs. 625 Ex Tax: Rs. 625

Anti-Dandruff Oil

Ang-Tatva’s Anti Dandruff Oil is made up of powerful ingredients to do away with even the most stubb..

Rs. 625 Ex Tax: Rs. 625

Black Magic Oil 2-3 Days

Black Magic Oil

This oil from Ang-Tatva’s Black Magic range is designed to resurface the lost black shine of graying..

Rs. 585 Ex Tax: Rs. 585

Growth Therapy Oil

This oil strives to stimulate hair roots to enhance the growth of hair. With powerful carrier oils l..

Rs. 595 Ex Tax: Rs. 595

Soft as Love Hair Oil

Use Ang-Tatva’s Soft as Love oil to give life to dull and damaged hair. This oil promises to repair ..

Rs. 575 Ex Tax: Rs. 575

Treatment Oil

This is a special treatment oil which caters to damaged and lifeless hair. This distinct formula pro..

Rs. 625 Ex Tax: Rs. 625