Coffee Bean Scrub


Description: Feel refreshed and recharged with this amazing blend of ground coffee beans, brown sugar, coconut oil & cocoa powder. Coffee which is rich in antioxidants prevent premature aging, the brown sugar granules work as an excellent exfoliator, improving blood circulation and skin texture, the coconut oil leaves you hydrated and moisturized. Scoop out the desired amount and mix it with a little bit of water and massage it gently all over your body.

Ingredients: Freshly Ground Coffee Beans, Brown sugar, Shredded coconut, Cocoa Powder and few for blended powders and salts…

How To Use:Simply massage this scrub onto the damp skin till the ingredients dissolve. Rinse with water.

Benefits: 100 % Natural product Suits every skin type Reduces Dark Circles Reduces fine lines Prevents Wrinkles Appearance Feel refreshed and recharged. Prevents premature aging, improves blood circulation. Provides the much needed hydration…

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