Defy Your Age

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Description: Defy Thy Age Pack is made to fight the visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dull and dry skin. Regular use of this mask helps to tighten the pores, reduces the dark spots, evens out the skin tone and restores the youthful glow. The pack makes use of powerful ingredients like turmeric, fenugreek, rakthchandan which are known to be a rich source of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Regular use of this face pack will bring the magical result to your skin by making it glow from within.

Ingredients:  Haldi, Nagarmotha, Red Clay, Oats, Calendula extract, Fenugreek, Neem, French Clay, Rakthchandan and few other herbs.

How to use:  Take a teaspoon of this miracle pack and mix with either egg white or a mixture of honey and milk. Apply the paste evenly on your face and let it dry to work its magic. Gently remove with a damp cloth and rinse with cold water.


100% Natural Product.                                                   Tightens loose skin                                                     Helps lightening Pigmentation                                            CLARIFY SKIN,                                                                                   GIVES BRIGHTER COMPLEXION,                      SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES,
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