The Baby Essentials Box



1 Pc Sweet Almond Oil
1 Pc Kesar Badaam Soap
1 Pc Baby Massage Oil

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Almond Oil-Almond oil has been trusted since ages for repairing dry and damaged hair and curing flaky skin. For baby
soft skin and lively hair, use our 100% natural sweet almond oil extracted from traditional cold press. We bring to you
the purest form of this divine oil so that you can get strong hair and a glowing skin.
Baby Massage Oil – This very gentle massage oil is a blend of some of the finest cold pressed oils with Shat Dhaut Ghrit
( washed ghee) made using traditional methods. This nourishing oil provides all the nutrients that the delicate body of a
baby requires which moisturizing skin thoroughly.
Keser Badaam soap – Nourish your child’s delicate skin with Ang-Tatva’s Kesar Badaam Soap. Try this all-
natural soap that moisturizes, cleanses and protects your babies skin, leaving it looking smooth &
soft. Pamper your baby with this gentle soap which also has a nice fragrance



Almond Oil– Pure Almond Oil
Baby Massage Oil– Shat Dhaut Ghrit, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil
Keser Badaam soap– Kesar, Almond, Honey



Almond Oil –  Use the oil to massage head or body or as required.

Baby Massage Oil – Gently massage the oil on baby’s body and face. Follow by placing the lightly warm damp cloth on the body.

Keser Badaam soap – Kesar, Almond, Honey

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